Quintiles and IMS Health Complete Merger


October 4, 2016

Quintiles and IMS Health have completed their merger in order to transform the two companies into a single, information and technology-led healthcare service provider. The new offering is renamed as QuintilesIMS. It has become the world’s largest pharma services provider, with around 50,000 employees and a market value of almost $18bn.

Product development and healthcare services provider Quintiles and information and technology company IMS Health will offer an end-to-end commercial and clinical package to pharma clients. The client offer will also include leveraging technology solutions and the streamlining clinical trial design for driving new insights.

Tom Pike, vice chairman of QuintilesIMS, said: “This combination addresses life sciences companies’ most pressing needs: to transform the clinical development of innovative medicines, demonstrate the value of these medicines in the real world, and drive commercial success. We are bringing together two best-in-class leaders. I’m confident that together we will make our clients even more successful”

Led by Quintiles’ founder Dr Dennis Gillings, the two firms will each contribute six directors to form the new board of directors. Ari Bousbib, IMS Health’s chairman and chief executive, holds the top roles while Quintiles’ chief executive Tom Pike becomes vice chairman.


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